How to Order

All of our treats are made from dog friendly human grade ingredients and are freshly baked with the chief tasters Storm, Trooper and Gypsy never far away.

Every treat can be, and has been, enjoyed by owners and their best friends. To make sure your get the best possible shelf life, our bakery treats are best kept in an airtight container and consumed within 10 days, and our fudge and brownies are best kept in the fridge and consumed within 3 days (if your dog lets them last that long).

All of our treats are suitable for home freezing if you are purchasing a large quantity for a smaller dog.

Taster Boxes

Pick six of your dogs favourites from our selection on our Menu, or if it is too difficult, tell us what your dog likes and we will choose a lip smacking selection for your dog.

Each of the six bags in your selection box will contain (at least) 40 grammes of your selection, adding up to a huge 240 grammes of dog tastic treats.

£10 (excluding postage)

Contact us

There are too many choices and too little time, whatever you want we can do. Whether it is a sample bag with a couple of each treat, fully labelled or a full selection of favourites just email with your order and we'll get right back to you with the full cost (including postage), and details of how to pay. Prefer to collect? Not a problem, Storm will make sure your treats are safe, from the comfort of her sofa until you arrive!